Lovely Melody

I like people because many people make me happy.

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2010'10.18 (Mon)

What kind of music do you like?

I took the lesson of the piano about 12years.
So I like the piano's melody.
It makes me very relaxed.

My friends often say classical music match me well.
And Yo Hitoto, ayaka Hirahara.

As my friends say, I like these singer and classical music.



2010'10.17 (Sun)

I'm very busy now.

I take many classes this semester because I want to obtain teacher's license.

And I began the English course from this semester.

Moreover, I can't use my holiday freely because of the work of Gakuyukai.

Frankly speaking, I am worry.

But, I don't like to give up.
So I do☆

Looking For

2010'10.14 (Thu)

I am a student at the women's university.
I think this enviroment is very suitable for studying.

But, everyday is ordinary.
It's nothing special.

I belong to Gakuyukai of my university.

I participat in various volunteer activities now.

I study English.

I have many good friends.

I wander now what is necessary for my future.

Studying English

2010'10.13 (Wed)

Today, I started this blog.
I am interested in English.
Now, I study English very hard.

Finally, I want to speak with a native speaker very well.
And I want to take high score of TOEIC.

Today, I had three English classes.
I was enjoyed these classes.

I was praised by my teacher of native speaker about my speaking.
When I was high school student,
I thought speaking with native speaker is very fearful.
But now, I became one person who enjoy speaking with native speaker.

Though I can't speak English very well,
having my growth is glad.

I was glad for getting small confidence more than praising.

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I am a first-year-student at the university. Though I am not good at English, I like English. If you find any mistakes I wrote, please teach me.